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SUP Repairs (Dings)

We repair all types of boards, kayaks, and paddles. We are familiar with all laminating materials including fiberglass, carbon, and kevlar and use high quality epoxy and when appropriate, polyester resins. We try to be as green as possible and produce as few toxic gas emissions as practical.

A puka repair (quarter size or less) is $35. A basic four to eight inch smash is approximately $75. Fin box repairs depend on if the box can be saved and prices range from $85 to $150 for a new one. A board buckle is usually a significant repair and is about $150. The skin of the board coming loose from the foam is called a delamination. This is also a significant repair and depends on the surface area and may be in the $100 zone and up. In some cases where most of the deck or bottom has a delam it is not a practical repair. 

Story on SUP Repairs

Epoxy boards are pretty durable considering how little they weigh compared to their mass. Nevertheless if you hit them hard enough the skin will crack or puncture. If untreated a breach in the skin of the board will take water. Depending on the construction a small crack can actually suck water into the core because the foam draws water. The consequence is that the board will become heavy and may delaminate. 

Your best bet is to get the ding repaired as soon as possible. In almost every case the best repair is to have the cracked fiberglass removed and add a new layer (usually two) of fiberglass to seal the repair. The glass will flex with the natural movement of the board. I do not recommend simply filling the repair with epoxy, the repair will often crack around the fill needing another repair down the line.

Kayak repairs

Polypropylene kayaks are usually repaired with a plastic welder or a flexible epoxy. ABS is repaired using traditional repair method similar to SUPs. Kevlar and carbon are more technical to work with and again repair methods are similar to traditional epoxy repairs.