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Stand up paddling on different water craft has been around in many cultures for centuries. Most people say that stand up paddle boarding in the modern era started as a way for Hawaiian beach boys to keep cameras high and dry while taking pictures of tourists on the waves of Waikiki before the waterproof camera. The recent introduction of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) can be traced to the summer of 2003, when famous surfer Laird Hamilton experimented with stand up paddling his longboards. A paddle allows the surfer to catch waves earlier and more often than prone paddling with hands. He and other surfers that started SUP are some of the most respected athletes in the world and when they do something interesting it is not long before word gets out and others follow their lead.  By 2004 SUP was added as a division of the Buffalo's Big Board Classic at Makaha.  SUP made a huge impact at the event with lots of news coverage that pushed the sport into the spot light.  SUP has been growing steadily every year since then and has morphed into several disciplines including; cruising, racing, downwind surfing, touring, surfing, fitness training, yoga, and running white water on a river. 

Fitness is a huge aspect of the sport and one we will continue to develop at Stand Up and Paddle. Fitness SUP pioneers like Brody Welte have created a whole new industry around paddle fitness.  If you ever find yourself in Florida, make sure you look up Brody, check out his Kahuna Kai Paddle and Beach Shop, and take a class or go paddling.

What ever type of paddle boarding you choose, the one thing they all share is a sense of freedom to move on water anywhere you want, under your own power.  You can glide across a pond or lake taking in the quiet, tour a coast line, or race to a finish line.  One of the most fun things is to paddle with friends, even the four legged kind.  And don't forget your new skill next time you take a vacation, stand up paddle boards add a whole new range of experiences nearly anywhere in the world.